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Fresh Evergreen

Every year, starting on Black Friday we open up a Christmas Tree lot at our home. We sell fresh cut Balsam and Fraiser Fir in 6' heights and higher that are harvested from Juneau County, Wisconsin. Once you select the perfect tree, we provide a fresh cut to the trunk and wrap the tree for easier transport.


We also make our own fresh premium evergreen wreaths in varying sizes and shapes, along with porch pots and pine garland for purchase. Every piece can be customized to your liking, and we welcome preorders.

eZy Watermark_01-12-2021_09-47-50PM.heic
eZy Watermark_02-12-2021_06-56-50PM.heic
eZy Watermark_01-12-2021_09-48-51PM.heic
eZy Watermark_17-11-2021_03-34-47PM.jpg
eZy Watermark_08-12-2021_08-42-37AM.heic
eZy Watermark_12-08-2022_12-09-58AM.jpg
eZy Watermark_02-12-2021_06-56-22PM.heic
eZy Watermark_08-12-2021_08-42-01AM.heic
eZy Watermark_08-12-2021_08-43-12AM.heic
eZy Watermark_01-12-2021_09-43-56PM.heic
eZy Watermark_01-12-2021_09-43-13PM.heic
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